My Career Path & Experience:

20+ years Automotive Industry experience – Dipl. Engineering (Bachelor) Degree in Manufacturing Engineering (BA – Stuttgart Germany)

14 years with company Getrag / 7 years with GKN Driveline: 

  • 2-year Apprentice ship in Germany at Transmission Manufacturer Getrag
  • 1-year Assembly Process Engineer for Manual Transmissions at Getrag / Germany
  • 1-year Assembly Process Engineer for Rear Axles at Getrag USA / NC
  • 2-year Assembly & NVH Planning Engineer for Rear Axles & PTUs at Getrag USA /NC
  • 3-year Project Planning Leader for Rear Axles & PTUs Assembly Lines & EOL equipment at Getrag USA / NC
  • 3-year Manufacturing Engineering Manager for Assembly – Getrag USA / NC
  • 1-year Engineering Launch Manager – Green Field Plant Start-up for Dual Clutch Transmissions – Getrag / Irapuato, Mexico
  • 2-year Manufacturing Engineering Manager for Assembly – Getrag/GKN USA / NC
  • 2-year Industrial Planning Manager Bevel Gear Machining, Aluminum Housing Machining & Assembly – GKN USA / NC
  • 2-year Global Manufacturing Development Manager all GKN plants globally – home base – Newton, NC USA
  • 1-year Manufacturing Engineering Director – GKN USA / NC and continued role as Global Manufacturing Development Manager
  • Resigned in September 2018 to focus on my personal career.

Now Self-employed offering my high-level of experience to the Automotive Industry.


Product & Technology Experience

  • All aspects of Production & Manufacturing of Transmissions, Rear Axles, PTUs & Clutches.
    • Assembly of Rear Axles, Front Axles, PTUs, Differentials, Manual Transmissions, Dual Clutch Transmissions, Hydraulic and Electromagnetic Clutches 
    • EOL Testing of Rear Axles, Front Axles, PTUs, Manual Transmissions, Dual Clutch Transmissions, Hydraulic and Electromagnetic Clutches
    • NVH, Leak Test, Clutch Testing & Matching.
    • Laserwelding
    • Aluminum Housing Machining
    • Spiral Bevel Gear Set Machining incl. Heat treat
  • Setting up Quality Controls in Manufacturing (e.g. torque angle, Press windows, Leak Test Parameter, ….)
  • Red X studies
  • Cycle Time analysis and improvements
  • Cycle Time simulation studies
  • Throughput improvements
  • Gaging systems – analysis and improvements
  • APQP
  • Continuous Improvements
  • First Time Through improvements
  • Gage R&Rs


Planning & Strategic Experience

  • Equipment Planning from conceptual development all the way into production

o    Involved in 10+ successful Assembly Line & EOL projects ranging from US$1m – US$10m each. Leading role with full responsibility of overall success including budget in more than half

  • Customer interaction

o    Years of experience working with OEMs (GM, FCA, BMW, Ford, …) through projects, launches, PPAPs, SOPs. Leading role in presenting the technical aspects of the projects to the customer (often sole presenter) and getting their approval and buy-in of the plans and timing presented.

  • Responsible for Global Assembly concept development for AWD products (Rear Axles, Front Axles, PTUs) with multiple plants in Europe, Asia and America region.
  • Cultural experience through working in Germany, USA & Mexico, as well as travelling and working with plants all over the world (Germany, Italy, Poland, Sweden, England, USA, Mexico, Japan, China, Thailand).
  • Quoting and Budget Planning

o    Responsible for Budget Planning and Executing for 10+ years

o    Experience in quoting projects to customers for 10+ years

  • Launch Experience
  • Involved in 20+ launches (averaging min. 1 per year), including a green field plant launch in Mexico.